Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is It Wise to Start a Mobile Auto Services Business At the End of 2012 or Beginning of 2013?

Most people may not realize this but service businesses particularly those in the auto sector are generally the last hit by a recession, and the first to recover. Now then, a mobile auto service business, one which is home based has even more advantages. This is because there are no high-rent costs hanging over your head. Does this mean there is little risk to operating a business of this type in an economic downturn?

No, of course not don't be silly - yes, of course there is risk in operating any business especially in a recession. It's just there may be less risk, and with lower costs in the automotive service sector. Thus, it improves you chances of weathering the storm. Okay so, let's talk shall we?

Well, as I write this article we are in the fourth quarter of 2012, and looking ahead at a recession in the first two quarters of 2013. Now then, by definition a recession is two-consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, so we may not know if we are even in a recession until we are well into the second quarter or even the third quarter of 2013, by then who knows it could be one-third to half over with you see? Do I recommend that you start your business now know this information?

Well, if you are out of work, you might consider it, but no I am not going to necessarily recommend it. Personally, and realize I am retired from this sector, I wouldn't advise anyone starting a business in the US until the socialists are run out of office, or the voters grow up and realize that socialism is a dead end. But, since you are interested let me tell you what I know from experience.

You see, I was in the franchising sector previously, franchising automotive service businesses usually home based where someone could work out of a trailer, van, pick-up, or flatbed truck. We had units operating in 23-states, and we served some 450 different cities. We operated through decades of good times and bad, recessions and growth periods. Times when we couldn't find any labor because Bush's tax cuts had the unemployment rate down to 5.4% and times when the economy was so bad, we had reduced our prices so low, it's amazing we made any money at all, but we went to a "low-down menu" strategy and made it up in volume remaining highly efficient.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Features That Make Harley Saddlebags Suitable For Citizen Journalists

The growing skepticism regarding state sponsored media and the news enterprises regulated by commercial corporations has led to a rampant increase in the number of citizen journalists. Primarily concerned with endorsing untainted truth and unadulterated facts, citizen journalists go to extreme lengths to cover a political, social or cultural event of immense significance!

As opposed to privately owned news enterprises, citizen journalism advocates free sharing of information. Due to its anti-monopolistic nature, this form of journalism is regarded as an authentic alternative to state media.

An analysis of the post-millennium era in particular reveals notable examples of several independent journalists who have courageously highlighted military coups, public uprisings and anarchism amongst citizens of a particular state. Vinukumar Ranganathan, the Indian Business Development Manager who uploaded graphic images of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and Mayhill Fowler - a self-employed American journalist who presented intriguing insights into Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, are two of the most prominent individuals affiliated with the realm of citizen journalism.

It is note-worthy that every citizen journalist who travels by means of a bike needs to bring along an appropriate-sized, durable motorcycle luggage in order to accommodate his/her vital accessories. Manufactured by skilled personnel, Harley saddlebags have all the essential features that will facilitate independent journalists in accommodating the essential equipment required for news reporting. The following discussion will serve to substantiate this stance.

a) Every self-employed journalist needs to carry certain electronic accessories at all times. These accessories include: a smartphone, mini tripod, laptop, net-book with webcam and a digital camcorder.

The heavy-duty, plastic reinforced lid and body of Harley bags along with the interior metal frame has extraordinary shock-absorbing capacity and will protect all of the aforementioned electronic equipment from getting damaged especially in the midst of massive unrest!

b) Vivid, up-close images increase the validity of a particular news report. A mini tripod will greatly facilitate every independent journalist in capturing steady shots of a significant political rally or an important public demonstration.

Fortunately, the spacious inner compartment of Harley sportster saddlebags affords ample space for the safekeeping of a small-sized, portable tripod thereby enabling the journalist to take graphic, high-resolution shots of heart-rending, newsworthy events.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Making a Motorcycle Helmet Cam Work for You!

If you've ever watched any motor sports you know that the teams, drivers, or riders will review footage of their races and practices to see where they can improve. In recent years this has been taken to the next level for dirt bike and motorcycle riders. The riders can strap on helmet cams and literally relive their race to see where they made mistakes, or where they could have made better choices. The pros will do this to pick up a tenth of a second per lap sometimes. They can see very minor mistakes or better lines that make them a better rider or give them a faster lap. A motorcycle helmet cam can make YOU a better rider too!

When it comes to motorcycle riding, we are an obsessed bunch. That should be the case for improving our skills as a rider also! A helmet camera can help us do just that. Take for instance a dirt bike rider on a trail ride through the woods. There's going to be lots of obstacles to traverse and a number of line choices. With you camera rolling, you get to review your ride back at home. Sure the camera gets to capture the ride and some scenery but it's also capturing more. It can show you what you're doing right, and what you are doing wrong. While riding you have to make split second decisions about what line to take, or how to traverse or avoid an obstacle. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes the wrong. Reviewing footage of a ride can help you to hone those skills and be better prepared for the next time.

That's how a motorcycle helmet cam can go to work for you, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your cam is great for capturing riding footage to share with friends and family or make a video log for your website or YouTube channel. You can edit the video, add commentary, and more. If you take a spill when jumping that off camber sand dune you can choose to take that out, or add some colorful voice over. Use the cam for street rides to help identify risky intersections and other poor behavior that we see so often from our 4 wheeled counterparts. There are so many good reasons to have a helmet cam and you really only need one reason to go out and buy one. So what are you waiting for?